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Arrested for a DUI in Ventura County? What to Expect...

What Is More Dangerous: DUI or Using a Cell Phone and Driving?

Posted by Jarrod M. Wilfert | May 17, 2016 | 0 Comments

Drinking and driving, for obvious reason, is illegal. Lawmakers have also been pushing to enforce cell phone and texting and driving laws, by laying down severe penalties. Not every state has cell phone laws; at the same time, some states do have laws, but the laws may be less strict, or there may be some loopholes in the interpretation of those laws. Every case will be different, as well, and every court and judge will have their own interpretation of the events.

Cell phone laws have arisen in response to a need for more law enforcement on the matter. There is a growing number of accidents that have occurred from using the phone while driving. It begs the question as to whether or not distracted driving and drunk driving are equally dangerous?

Distracted Driving Statistics

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, distracted driving, texting and driving, in particular, is at least six times more dangerous than drunk driving accidents.

Distracted drivers who are using a cell phone or texting and driving often displayed slower reaction times, were much more likely to brake prematurely or suddenly, maintained longer distances between themselves and the driver ahead. It may be likely because the driver's attention is caught between maintaining a conversation and focusing on driving.

By far, the majority of distracted driving accidents occur because of texting and driving. Younger drivers are more susceptible to getting into a collision due to texting while driving. Whether you are arrested for drunk driving or cell phone violations, the fact is that these actions detract from your focus on the road and jeopardize others' safety. This is why the penalties can be so severe.

How Can an Attorney Help?

After being arrested for DUI, you or your loved one will need aggressive defense as soon as possible. There are only10 days between the time of arrest and your right to protect your license from being suspended or revoked. Our Ventura DUI attorney is experienced in handling DUI cases and is fully capable of handling even the most complicated of cases. He is also a former law enforcement officer who can use that insight to build a compelling defense in your favor.

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