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DUI Conviction & Education

DUI Conviction & Education

Not only does a DUI conviction have a negative impact on employment, but also in the academic field. Unfortunately, most young people who are either in college or are applying to universities are not aware of the lifelong consequences of a DUI.

The following are the potential consequences a DUI can have on education:

  • Deny your application – A college or university can deny your application because of your criminal record. On the other hand, they may accept your application, but take the DUI conviction into consideration before making a decision.
  • Suspension or expulsion – For current college students, there are some campuses that may have a policy about reporting DUI and other criminal offenses to the school within a specific timeframe. Failure to do so could result in either suspension or expulsion.
  • Loss of scholarship – If you are a student-athlete, a DUI conviction may result in being suspended from a number of games and team activities, as well as getting dismissed from the team entirely.
  • Indirect consequences – If your college does not punish students for their actions, the DUI penalties may still indirectly affect attendance and grades. For example, serving a jail sentence will prevent you from attending your classes, harming your grades.

College students must be aware of the gravity of their actions and decisions. A DUI can also affect employment opportunities and countless future opportunities. If you are a college student who has been charged with or convicted of a DUI, it is imperative to seek legal guidance from an experienced criminal defense attorney.

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