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Lead Investigator

Frank J. Brisslinger was born and raised in Ventura County and as such has always felt protective and responsible for his community. It's not surprising that he dedicated his life and career to this endeavor becoming a sworn Oxnard Police Officer back in 1997 after completing his basic training at the Ventura County Criminal Justice Training Center. Mr. Brisslinger found that his hard work, drive and ability to excel in a team dynamic allowed for him to quickly become a truly exceptional peace officer.

Like most, Mr. Brisslinger's career in law enforcement began in the Patrol Division where he was assigned to the Field Services Division of the Oxnard Police Department. During this assignment, he completed thousands of investigations ranging from simple misdemeanors to complex and often violent felony crimes.

During this introductory period of his career, he gained an extensive knowledge of interview, interrogation, and investigative techniques as well as appropriate and accepted crime scene preservation techniques.

It was also at this time that he began gathering experience and an eventual recognized expertise in the area of narcotics, gangs and cases involving driving under the influence. After his successes in the Patrol Division, he was asked to focus his efforts on particular high-crime areas of Oxnard in the downtown area using various community policing techniques.

During this brief period of his career, he conducted well over 200 narcotics investigations and worked hand in hand with the Ventura County Combined Narcotics Team, local Vice and Narcotics details, ICE, DMV, in addition to the Department of Alcohol and Beverage Control. As a result of his diligence and solid work ethic, Mr. Brisslinger was selected to become a Field Training Officer responsible for the training of new officers at the department.

In December of 2003, he was appointed as a member of the Oxnard Violent Crimes Task Force, a dynamic unit that collaborated with the F.B.I., along with other outside agencies, at a local and state level. Mr. Brisslinger executed search warrants, alongside Ventura County Probation and Parole on Oxnard and Ventura County gang members. He was responsible for updating every Ventura County Law Enforcement agency on a monthly basis on current gang trends and activities. During this period, he interacted daily with hundreds of gang members, both, in and out of custody and built a rapport with some of these members. He was later able to use these relationships to successfully investigate and solve numerous open cases, including violent felonies and homicides.

In addition, Frank Brisslinger efforts provided detailed documentation in support of Ventura County's first Gang Injunction on the Colonia Chiques, and later, the South Side Chiques. He was sworn in as a “Special Police Officer” at the direction of the United States Marshalls Service and was called often to testify as a Gang Expert on Oxnard and other Ventura County Gangs.

In early 2004, Mr. Brisslinger's work was recognized and he was promoted to the rank of Senior Officer. In this capacity, he continued to monitor gang activity, graffiti, and other crime trends, and worked closely with the Investigations Bureau to solve crimes. He also worked closely with members of the Ventura County “Stolen Vehicle Task Force”, in suppressing and apprehending offenders and conducted decoy operations with the Department of Motor Vehicles and Contractor's State Licensing Board. He led the investigation of several “Bait Bike and Vehicle stings” and was responsible for the updates and registrations of certain 290 P.C. sex registrants.

Throughout his career, Mr. Brisslinger has received extensive training on interviewing and interrogating techniques, physical & electronic surveillance, wiretaps, and search & seizure through the Department of Justice and Interview and Interrogations Institute. He received training through the California Narcotics Officers Association on narcotics manufacturing, sales & distribution as they relate to criminal street gangs. He was also trained by the Federal Bureau of Investigation on various topics including bank robberies and other major crimes.

In 2005, Mr. Brisslinger's talents and efforts on behalf of his community were recognized when he received several awards including the prestigious 2005 Police Officer of the Year Award presented by the Oxnard Kiwanis Club.

It was precisely Mr. Brisslinger's skills and work ethic combined with his strong law enforcement background that led to his joining forces with Wilfert Law, P.C. when he retired from being a sworn police officer.

Frank Brisslinger's investigative firm has been a tremendous asset to the law firm due in large part to his ability to locate mistakes or oversights in police investigations and immediately re-initiate and complete the investigation in a more thorough and developed manner. Often this has resulted in new and important exculpatory information which has allowed the law firm to have substantial success in achieving the best results possible for our clients and their families.