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Roslynn Wilfert


Aggressive and Tenacious Defense

As a former highly decorated police officer with the city of Oxnard for almost a decade, Roslynn Wilfert developed a unique skill set when it comes to detailed investigations and a deep-rooted passion for the people in her community.


As an attorney now, her clients routinely marvel at her ability to focus intensely on their cases and pull out minute details which have a direct impact on ensuring the best possible outcomes for them.

Mrs. Wilfert's years on the street resulted in her direct participation in thousands of complex investigations and arrests. As a cop, she learned how to build cases from the ground up. Mrs. Wilfert now employs that same training and expertise in locating flaws in police procedure and investigations to the benefit of her clients.

She has quickly developed a reputation for honesty and tenacity in the Southern California legal community and is a tremendous asset for Wilfert Law. Roslynn Wilfert has come a long way over her years working in law enforcement and practicing criminal law. She has found a rare talent for melding her law enforcement expertise and her criminal defense experience in an incredibly effective manner for the people she represents.