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The Top Five Things To Look For When Hiring A Criminal Defense Attorney

The Top Five Things To Look For When Hiring A Criminal Defense Attorney

If you are like most of us, finding and hiring a good criminal defense attorney is probably something you hoped you would never have to do.  Unfortunately, good people do find themselves or their loved ones in need of help sometimes.

Here are the top four things, you should look for to make sure you are getting the best legal advice and representation when you need it:


Experience is the number one factor that you should look at when determining who to turn to for advice and representation.  It takes at least five years of working in an area before an attorney becomes competent and at least another five years before they are usually quite good.  Imagine hiring an electrician to work on your home, would you feel comfortable with someone who just started his company and was learning on the job?  Probably not.

At WilfertLaw, PC, we have decades of legal experience in Criminal Law.  I have handled thousands of cases from the initial investigation through filing and litigation.  We have tried cases to judges and juries to verdict and negotiated thousands of successful plea deals all while working with our clients to make absolutely certain we get them the best possible outcome for their unique situation.  Being experienced in both the law and the specific practices of the courthouse in question is key to obtaining the ideal outcome.  We pride ourselves in our record and our relationship with our clients!


If you were hiring a Doctor, one of the first things you would probably ask is about their specific training in the area they practice.  Obviously, if you are going to pay for their opinion, you have to know why it is valuable.  This is where a person's training and education comes into play.

At Wilfertlaw, PC, our founding partner, Attorney Jarrod M. Wilfert, received extensive training in local law enforcement investigation and tactics through the Ventura County Sheriff Academy and later through a six month Field Training with the Ventura Police Department.  This incredible experience was undertaken while already an attorney providing Mr. Wilfert with a unique ability to build and subsequently take apart case.  He was also trained in prosecuting criminal cases by the Ventura County District Attorney's office.  Simply put, there is no attorney in Ventura County practicing Criminal Defense with the unique training and education as Mr. Wilfert.  Those years of training combined with years of practicing Criminal Defense, make WilfertLaw, PC, the effective law firm it is today.


The people working in a law office are truthfully it's backbone.  Most clients communicate first and most often with the legal assistants and secretaries and need to be able to get answers to their questions quickly.  We've all been to department stores over the Christmas holidays and dealt with seasonal employees who are new and not trained or experienced enough to handle their duties and answer questions.  The resulting incompetence can be frustrating!

At Wilfertlaw, PC, our secretaries and legal assistants have over a decade working in this area of law.  They have helped thousands of clients during this period and are probably more highly trained then some attorneys in the area.  They also have immediate access to attorneys in the office and can set up an appointment so that our clients can speak directly to our attorneys should they wish.  Simply put, they are amazing and make our clients lives a lot less stressful.


Communication is the biggest factor in determining whether or not a client will be happy with his or her attorney.  While in many cases, the attorney can appear in court without a client and handle the case in large part without troubling the client, making certain that their exist open lines of the communication both ways will ensure a great relationship between the attorney and the client.

At Wilfertlaw, PC, we offer free initial consultations to everyone.  Part of the reason behind this is our desire to make certain that we can work with our clients to help fix their situation.  That free initial half-hour phone call is a perfect example of how much we value the communication between attorney and client. 


The California State Bar is the licensing agency for California attorneys.  It takes only a second to determining if an attorney is not in good standing with the state bar.  Every client should check out the attorney they are thinking about hiring to verify they are in good standing with the State Bar.

Similarly, the internet may be a good resource to check reviews for an attorney.  While no business is going to have perfect reviews if it has been around for years, it is important for you to research the type of people you will be dealing with in your time of need.  The past history with clients is the best indication of how future clients can expect to be treated.

At Wilfertlaw, PC, we welcome our potential clients to review our history online.  We are proud of the relationships we have built over the years and the services we provide.  In fact, many if not the majority of our clients come from referrals form people whose families we have worked with in the past.

If you or your family member has a legal issue, the first step is in contacting a good attorney.  That first consultation is important to help learn about your rights and to figure out if this is the right law office for you. 

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