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Experience Matters for Criminal Defense

Valuable Insight From A Former Police Officer & Deputy District Attorney

As you evaluate the various characteristics that differentiate our criminal defense attorneys from others, experience is at the top of that list. Criminal defense cases can be complex and confusing. From the start of your case, an experienced lawyer from our team can determine a likely case outcome so you have an idea of what takes place.

During a free case evaluation, we can evaluate whether you can benefit from legal representation and what kind of strategy could serve you best. Our team can work through the large amount of legal paperwork that is involved in your case so that you can handle the personal aspects of the situation.

At Wilfert Law, P.C., we are experienced in the workings of the criminal process and know what errors to avoid as well as what can be challenged in the prosecution's case against you. If you have been accused of a crime, no matter how minor or major, we can protect your best interests. We can help prepare you for the difficult road ahead because we know what to expect.

We've Spent Years Working In Ventura County Criminal Justice System

The head attorney at our firm, Attorney Jarrod M. Wilfert, has years of experience working in the Ventura County Criminal Justice System and has witnessed firsthand the damage that the system can cause, even on first-time offenders of minor crimes.

For that very reason, he pursued his passion and established Wilfert Law, P.C. to defend the freedom of people charged with criminal offenses. As a Ventura County Deputy District Attorney, our founding lawyer received awards for his trial skills and took the types of cases that others are quick to avoid. As a police officer in Ventura, he accomplished many remarkable feats, including making several high-profile arrests, and truly made the county a safer place.

Highly Trained In Investigation & Trial

Our firm is comprised of elite former law enforcement professionals who focus on defending people who are been arrested within Ventura County. Each member of the firm is highly trained in specific areas by the agency and government that we work with or against for many cases. Our team's tenacity, knowledge, and hard work enhance the experience and services we offer.

At Wilfert Law, P.C., all of our professionals have spent years being trained in investigation and trial methods. Attorney Wilfert's skills, for example, include being a Drug Recognition Expert, the highest level of training that California offers in drug impairment identification.

Use Our Background To Your Advantage!

We work tirelessly for our clients drawing from our backgrounds and using the resources we have available to us. Our firm understands how Ventura County criminal cases are developed, both on the street and in the courtroom. We know the factors that play into the decision of how to prosecute a case. Using this information, we can aggressively and knowledgeably defend our clients involved in complex criminal cases.