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Have you been arrested for a criminal offense? If so, you need to be proactive about defending your rights, freedom, and future.

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We are highly experienced and have extensive qualifications in criminal law. Our Ventura criminal defense attorneys are known for their unmatched courtroom skills. We thoroughly investigate each case and have the necessary resources to confidently serve as your aggressive advocates.

In addition to legal degrees, each of our team members has been trained in police procedure and investigation. Attorney Wilfert is a former Drug Recognition Expert, while InvestigatorĀ Mr. Frank Brisslinger was recognized as a Gang Expert and part of task forces for violent crimes and stolen vehicles.

Has your family member been charged with a crime?

If you are seeking legal representation on behalf of a family member who has been charged with a crime, we are here to assist you in fighting for their future and their rights. We are available to you at all times and will stand by your side as we pursue the best possible outcome for your loved one.

When you choose Wilfert Law P.C., you can rest assured that your case is in competent hands. We communicate with our clients frequently and extensively, giving you the time and attention you deserve.