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  • 30 day Rehab and Probation
    Arrested for Narcotic DUI Client pulled over and arrested for Narcotic DUI. Officers locate meth pipe and small amount of meth. Client possessed various controlled substances including methamphetamine and was under the influence of Meth and other opiate based medications. Client faced 3 years in prison.
  • Dismissed outright upon first appearance
    Arrested for Terrorist/ Criminal Threats

    Client arrested for Terrorist/ Criminal Threats with Bail increased to a million dollars. Client originally represented by Public Defender’s Office without movement on case. Client facing Strike offense with 3 years prison.

  • Dismissed Outright.
    Client Arrested for Embezzlement Client arrested for embezzlement after LAPD served a search warrant on his home and located property allegedly stolen from the Client’s place of business. At the same time, LAPD obtained evidence indicating that Client had sold embezzled property online. CLIENT faced 3 years in prison.
  • No File by Ventura County District Attorney.
    Conspiracy to embezzle prescription narcotics from pharmacy Client arrested for involvement in conspiracy to embezzle prescription narcotics from pharmacy. Client admitted to taking narcotics and giving them to others. Client faced 3 years in prison.
  • 45 days Jail Time - 22 Days Served
    Felony Embezzlemen Client arrest for Felony embezzlement after a series of thefts from his employer totaling over $5,000.00. Ventura District Attorney initially demanded plea to felony with six months in custody.
  • Plea disposition, no strike, 270 days served
    Major Motor Vehicle Accident Client involved in major motor vehicle accident. He was determined to have a blood alcohol concentration of .16%, twice the legal limit. Passenger injured severely. Client faced 6 years in prison and felony strike to record.
  • No Jail Time
    Vehicular Manslaughter Client arrest for Vehicular Manslaughter after traffic collision resulting from Client unlawfully entering intersection and causing accident resulting in the death of another individual.
  • Dismissed by Judge. Probation terminated.
    Violations of Felony Probation. Client arrested for serious violations of his felony probation. Facing significant custody time and extension of his probationary term.