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Can I Travel While on Probation?

Since the weather is warmer and school is out for the next few months, families often take vacations in the summertime. But if you are still serving probation from a criminal conviction, you may be wondering if you can still legally travel.

There are two main types of probation: misdemeanor probation and felony probation. While the former doesn't require supervision from a probation officer, the latter does—along with frequent check-ins.

If you are on misdemeanor probation, there are no travel restrictions. Because you do not have a probation officer assigned to your case, there is no one to disclose your vacation plans to.

On the other hand, the terms of your felony probation may state that you are prohibited from traveling outside the county where you live. If that is the case, an experienced criminal defense attorney can either speak to your probation officer or request an exception in court to allow you to go on vacation.

However, if you leave the county, state, or country without obtaining permission, such action is considered probation violation. If a judge finds you to be in violation of the terms of your probation, your probation could be revoked, meaning you would have to serve your original sentence behind bars.

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