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California DUI & Hit-and-Run

DUI is a serious offense in California. Not only does a conviction lead to time spent behind bars, costly fines, and the loss of driving privileges, but also a permanent criminal record that can ruin your life and future.

Despite the seriousness of drunk driving charges, many people continue to test fate. However, when drunk driving results in a collision with another vehicle, some individuals may completely panic.

It is highly like the other party or the police would discover they are intoxicated during the car accident investigation. To avoid the situation, drunk drivers may try to flee the scene, resulting in a hit and run.

How CA Law Addresses DUI & Hit-and-Run Charges

DUI and hit-and-run are considered two separate crimes in California. Drunk driving and fleeing the scene of a crash you are involved in are both illegal in their own right.

While a DUI is generally considered a misdemeanor, if it results in an injury, the aggravating factor could increase the charge to a felony offense. If the accident only results in property damage, many judges may view the collision as a reason to seek the maximum penalties.

If the hit-and-run accident only leads to property damage, it is considered a misdemeanor offense. On the other hand, if the hit-and-run crash caused an injury or death, it is a felony offense.

If you are convicted of both crimes, you may have to consecutively serve each sentence, instead of concurrently. This means once your first prison sentence ends, your next sentence will begin, as opposed to serving a combined sentence.

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