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Ventura Felony Crime Attorney

Understanding Felony Crime in California

If you or a loved one has been arrested for a felony crime in California, a conviction can lead to a lengthy prison sentence, expensive fines, and a permanent mark on your criminal record. Having a felony conviction following you forever can ruin your chances of obtaining employment, finding a place to live, applying for college, and living a normal life.

At Wilfert Law PC, we are dedicated to helping avoid the harsh felonies of a misdemeanor conviction by either reducing your charge to a misdemeanor or getting your entire case dismissed. Our Ventura felony crime defense lawyers can thoroughly investigate your case, collect evidence, and determine if law enforcement made any mistakes during its investigation or if there are any weaknesses in the prosecution's case.

Penalties for Felony Crimes in California

Felonies in California are punishable by imprisonment in a state penitentiary. On the other hand, the most serious misdemeanor carries a maximum 364-day jail sentence.

Although most states designate felony crimes by different classes, California determines the felony sentence on a case-by-case basis. State lawmakers have set three potential terms: a low-term sentence, a mid-term sentence, and a high-term sentence.

Common types of felonies our firm handles include:

Each felony offense is punishable by either a lower, middle, or higher sentence. For example, a conviction for burglary in California is punishable by either a two-year (lower), four-year (middle) or six-year (higher) prison sentence.

If a certain felony doesn't have a set punishment, a conviction results in either a 16-month, two-year, or three-year prison term. If a person has been previously convicted of a felony crime, a conviction for another felony will result in longer prison terms.

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With decades of legal experience, including time spent as a police officer and state prosecutor, our Ventura felony crime defense attorney understands what it takes to get the justice and outcome you deserve. Do not hesitate to let us protect your rights, reputation, and freedom immediately.

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