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Ventura Juvenile Crime Defense Attorney

Tough Representation for Minors Arrested for a Crime

Juvenile crimes are any crime committed by a minor. To protect your child's future, you can trust in an aggressive Ventura criminal defense attorney from our firm. We have extensive experience, training, and resources necessary to fight charges against your minor. Our legal team is familiar with the juvenile criminal defense system. If you are facing a juvenile charge in Ventura County, do not hesitate to speak with Wilfert Law, PC. You likely have many questions that must be answered, and we offer the guidance you need.

Will I be treated as an adult?

Juvenile offenders are people under the age of 18 who commit an act that is against the law. California's juvenile criminal process is unique because of its focus on rehabilitation. Crimes of theft, violence, or narcotics can result in a trial with the superior court. Some felony offenses, such as rape or murder, can result in a trial as an adult.

Minor offenders who have committed less serious offenses may not be charged at all or may only be sentenced to probation. The juvenile court judge will hear the case and sentence the individual. During each phase of your case, our defense lawyers keep you informed and can help you fight for the best outcome possible.

Protecting a Minor's Freedom

Constantly fluctuating, juvenile crimes are currently increasing as adult arrests are decreasing in California. At Wilfert Law, PC, our goal is to help your child enter adulthood without the burden of a criminal record. Juvenile offenders have the right to a strong attorney who can properly defend their case.

Long-term consequences in the life of the juvenile offender may result with a conviction. We are here to help prevent such detrimental ramifications! Using our experience and professional approach, we can help our juvenile clients avoid serious penalties.