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Ventura Probation Violation Lawyer

How does a probation violation occur?

If you have failed to comply with any restriction placed against you after your criminal conviction, then you may be charged with violating probation, which carries risk of heavy penalties. You may be sentenced to serve time, whether or not jail time was on the original charge.

At Wilfert Law, PC, we are experienced in representing many clients throughout Ventura County and possess the resources to help you defend your rights. With a qualified lawyer on your team, you can have the confidence to defend against your probation violation charge.

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About Probation in California

Probation can be ordered by the court to allow a person to remain out of jail and in the community under supervision by a probation officer.

Each individual's probation varies depending on the severity of the crime and any past criminal convictions. Probation may require counseling, and include restrictions on activities and frequent reports to a probation officer.

Because the purpose of probation is to incentivize lawful behavior and protect public safety, probation violations can result in serious penalties. Our Ventura criminal defense lawyers can help you avoid extensive incarceration, heavy fines and other consequences of violating probation.

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After receiving probation instead of extensive jail time or other penalties, you may face strict demands set by the probation officer. You may be granted freedom to remain out of jail or prison, but you are required to follow the many stipulations issued by the court and probation officer.

We know the challenges that accompany compliance and can aggressively defend your rights. Our Ventura criminal defense lawyers can help prepare a case to defend your freedom if you are charged with probation violation.