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Weapons Crimes in California

Answers from Former Police Officers & District Attorneys

The State of California takes crimes involving weapons very seriously and has outlined strict parameters and harsh penalties to regulate their use in the community. Many defendants, often too late, realize that weapons charges do not usually involve the use of weapons or firearms. Instead, most of these crimes are meant to be preventative and are usually enforceable when mere possession is determined. Weapons crimes are also notorious for "piggybacking" onto other charges, such as domestic violence and drug crimes, even when weapons are merely found to be present.

If you've been charged with a weapons crime, it is absolutely critical that you seek proper representation to oversee your case.

These charges are often vulnerable to procedural errors by law enforcement and, as former police officers, our team has the knowledge and insight to find holes in the prosecution's case and bolster your defense. Don't hesitate any longer, contact a proven Ventura criminal defense attorney at our offices today.

Types of Weapons Charges

Weapons and firearm statutes in California encompass many different circumstances when weapons are present. Many of them are pursued as serious felonies by the prosecution.

  • The selling of firearms
  • Aggravated assault with a deadly weapon
  • Weapon possession by a convicted felon
  • Firing or projecting objects into an occupied building
  • Possession of an assault weapon
  • Carrying a concealed weapon

An important factor to note here is that "deadly weapon" definitions can be broadly defined by the prosecution. Kitchen knives, your fists, and even your vehicle can be defined as "deadly" if the prosecution can prove that they were wielded in a dangerous, intentional way.

Additional circumstances of the incident in question, such as gang activity or knowledge that a weapon was stolen, can also color your charges differently and result in harsher penalties.

Call a dedicated Ventura weapons attorney today!

Serious weapon offenses can result in up to 20 years in prison if aggravating factors are present. Don't wait until your actual trial to find out what penalties you might be facing. Call our office and speak with our team to start strategizing your defense today!