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Arrested for Selling Drugs in Ventura County?

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While drug possession can result in lengthy jail sentences and expensive fines in California, drug distribution and sale can lead to even more severe penalties. In addition, offenders will have a permanent criminal record that can damage their reputations, making it difficult to obtain employment or take advantage of life's opportunities.

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California Drug Distribution Penalties

The drug distribution laws in California broadly criminalize the sale, transport, transfer, and import of illegal drugs, controlled substances, and marijuana. The prosecution must differentiate the defendant's conduct from simple possession and possession with intent to sell.

The sale, transport, transfer, or import of illegal drugs or controlled substances is punishable by a prison sentence of three to five years. However, an offense involving the hiring or employment of minor children to sell or distribute illegal drugs, or the sale of controlled substances to minors, can lead to a prison sentence of three, six, or nine years.

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If you were recently arrested for the sale or distribution of illegal drugs or controlled substances in Ventura County, we are capable of getting your charges reduced or your case dismissed entirely. As a former police officer, former prosecutor, and certified drug recognition expert, our lead attorney can review your case and determine all of your available legal options.