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Governor Newson Signs 25 Criminal Justice Reform Bills

Governor Newson Signs 25 Criminal Justice Reform Bills

On October 8, 2019, California Governor Gavin Newson signed more than two dozen criminal justice bills into law. The measures distance the state from get-tough laws that have resulted in overcrowded prisons.

Here are some of the notable criminal justice measures signed:

  • AB 1076 – This bill requires the Justice Department to find records of individuals who have served their sentence for certain felonies (not including sex and violent crimes) and start automatic expungement. Currently, eligible individuals must petition directly to the court to start the expungement process.
  • SB 136 – This bill ends one-year enhancement that is added to current sentences for each felony sentence a person previously served.
  • AB 484 – This bill ends imposing a mandatory minimum 180-day jail term before a person convicted of possession of cocaine, crack, and heroin serves probation.
  • SB 45 – This bill bans state prisons and county jails from charging medical and dental copays to inmates.
  • SB 310 – This bill enables individuals who have been previously convicted of a felony (if they are not registered sex offenders or under felony supervision) to serve on a jury.
  • AB 1215 – This bill makes police departments wait at least three years before officers are equipped with body cameras with biometric surveillance technology, which can take and store photographs, to work out the kinks that cause false identification.

Gov. Newsom said the signing of these bills moves California closer to a fairer criminal justice system, giving hope to those who get a second chance in life.

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