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Have You Been Accused of Battery?

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Not to be confused with assault, battery charges deal with actual, physical contact between two parties. While most people think of violent confrontations when they think of battery, this crime can be charged due to a simple touch if the victim believes the contact to be unwanted or intimidating in any way. As you might imagine, this flexibility in California battery statutes can produce significant misunderstandings between the parties and, if the matter goes to court, an array of variables in classification and penalties.

If you are facing a battery charge and aren't sure what your options are, contact our offices.

At Wilfert Law, PC, we've handled countless battery cases, from simple gestures and touches to violent altercations. We make sure to investigate each incident ourselves and present the clearest facts possible in a court of law, ensuring our clients rights are protected in every instance.

What kind of battery charge am I facing?

Unlike many other crimes, battery definitions offer a degree of flexibility when they are presented in court. Depending on the harm caused to the victim, or the judge's discretion, battery may be ruled as a misdemeanor or felony. Usually, however, battery charges fall into three distinct categories.

The three prominent battery charges in California are:

  • Battery (or simple battery), that covers most altercations with minor physical injuries.
  • Aggravated battery, which involves serious harm to the victim.
  • Battery on a Peace Officer, which includes police and other city workers.

Within these categories, other factors, like battery of a disabled person, the elderly, a sports official, or a medical worker, can further complicate these charges and result in more severe penalties. To find out more about your battery charge and what penalties you might face, contact our offices.

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Even the most minor battery charges can sentence an offender to six months in jail and up to $2,000 in fines. Don't face these charges alone. Call Wilfert Law, PC today to gain unparalleled representation and insight from former police officers and district attorneys. We're ready to hear your story and start your defense today.