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California DUI Penalties

DUI Lawyer in Ventura Explains the Potential Consequences

Drivers who are caught driving drunk in California need the aggressive assistance of a Ventura DUI lawyer from our firm because of the associated potential penalties. Under the California Vehicle Code §§ 23152-23153, it is illegal to drive while intoxicated. For a blood alcohol content (BAC) level of 0.08% or higher, you can face heavy penalties that are set in place by the criminal court and the department of motor vehicles (DMV).

Penalties for a DUI will depend on various factors, including:

  • Whether the vehicle operator is 21 years of age or older
  • Blood alcohol content level of the offender
  • Type of vehicle being driven
  • Number of past DUI convictions within a set time frame
  • Additional aggravating factors

If the vehicle operator refused to consent to a chemical test, his or her driver's license can be automatically suspended under California's implied consent law (CA Vehicle Code § 23612(a)(1)). Individuals under the age of 21 who either refuse to submit to a chemical test or receive results of a BAC level of 0.01% or greater also can have their driver's license suspended.

What are the penalties for a DUI in California?

Upon conviction for a DUI offense in California, the operator of the motor vehicle may face severe penalties. Consequences for driving under the influence are discussed in the California Vehicle Code § 23536.

For a DUI without injury and with no prior offenses, you may incur the following:

  • a minimum of 96 hours in jail
  • a monetary fine of between $390 and $1,000

A second DUI offense within a 1-year period, may incur penalties of the following:

  • incarceration for between 90 days and a year
  • $390 to $1,000 in fines

Amount of time spent in jail continues to increase for subsequent offenses. Other penalties may include community service, alcohol program assessments, drunk driver visitation programs, home detention, a license revocation, installment of an ignition interlock device, and additional fees.

Defense from Our Ventura Criminal Attorneys

For legal representation to avoid the harsh penalties associated with your DUI offense, contact us today to schedule a free case evaluation with a Ventura DUI attorney! Our legal team comes well-equipped with former police officers who have been extensively trained in DUI law. We use our past experience to your advantage, as we have unique insight into the issues with DUI arrests.